Mahesh Bhatt 1st Debut in acting

Mahesh Bhatt’s movies are a class apart. Most of his movies as a director and producer are soulful musicals. For a man who is articulate and loves to talk, it is no surprise if he has taken a plunge in acting for the first time. It would be interesting to see a director in an actor’s seat. He has many feathers in his cap. He has been a fabulous director, producer, and screenwriter before taking up acting for a film named ‘Siddhartha.’ He plays the role of a monk in this film, which is directed by a first time director, Mukul Misra.

This upcoming movie of Mahesh Bhatt also stars Shazahn Padmasee and he plays the role of a Buddhist lama, the spiritual guru of the Buddhists. Bhatt himself believes in Buddhism, this role will be in sync with his beliefs. This movie is about being a guiding light to a lost soul called Shivam, who has faced many tribulations and trials in his life and is in search of true meaning of life. Bhatt plays a teacher, a mentor, a spiritual guru, the role he has been playing in real life too. He is the greatest friend, and a guide of his beloved daughter, Alia Bhatt.

Shazahn Padmasee is the daughter of the legendary ad filmmaker, Alyque Padmasee and singer-actor Sharon Prabhakar. Her first debut as an actress was in the YFR film, Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year, with Ranbir Kapoor in the lead. He father too play the role of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the Academy Award nominated film, Gandhi, which is a biopic on the Mahatma Gandhi. Mahesh Bhatt has taken a plunge into acting at a very later stage and in a role that would suit him the most. Hopefully, this story on redemption inspires lot of lost souls, searching for true essence of life. Movies on redemption are very inspiring. His movies like Arth, Daddy, Sir, and Kalyug are also based on the themes of redemption. Most of his film like Raaz series, Murder series, and movies like Woh Lamhe; Awarapan produced by the Bhatt clan has been one of the finest Blockbusters. Melodious soundtracks are one of the hallmarks of most of his films. Even after a decade, you would still be humming songs from his movies.

It takes a lot of passion and a wise person to create an emotional drama sketched in a variety of themes that connect with the audience and leave a deeper mark on their psyche. The choice of songs and music in his films are not made with any Bollywood formula, they look like they have been made simply from the heart. Aashiqui2 was a daring effort to make a sequel of the 1990’s hit romantic film starring Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal. Jism 2 was a major flop because it did star the scandalous adult star from Hollywood land. It certifies that Indian audience are actually looking for a story in film and not a shady cinema.